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Bali carpenter - Patrick Segin - Kohe Design

Bali carpenter & Cabinet maker

Kohe Design is a team of cabinetmaker, carpenter, manufacturer and furniture designer in Bali

Patrick Segin is a cabinet maker, a designer from France who is based in Bali since 2002. Born in the south of France, he studied at the Don Bosco School when he was 14 years old to become a cabinet maker. It’s with the Bicchirini brothers he started working. After his degree, his career as a designer and cabinet maker was launched. He has created several products like antique furniture, inlays, staircases, kitchens and many more…

He was 32 years old when he opened his first workshop in Provence, in the south of France. This passion for the concept and the manufacture of furniture led him to push his limit all the time. His desire to learn and to innovate in his design is essential in his career. During his travel, he discovered Indonesia, a country where the artworks still have a large presence. He discovered these same roots that he learned when he was at school.

In 2002, he decided to start his business in Bali. His knowledge and experience in dealing with Indonesian and European cultures have allowed him to develop a new style of design. And it therefore changed his life. Kohé design is a team of Bali furniture manufacturer. They are inspired by this multicultural aspect in the creation and design of furniture and accessories.

Patrick Segin always follows the new trends, imagines and creates a purified luxury. His philosophy leads over time to share first of all simplicity, expertise, modesty also authenticity with others around his passions.

Our values

The values at Kohe Design define the way we work with our partners, clients and also team members.
These values are an essential part of our DNA.

Transmission of knowledge

Tradition and Culture

Respect and Tolerance


Meet our team

We are a team of : Bali carpenter, cabinet maker and designer. Our team is proud of being a part of Kohe Design.
We share our skills with passion to answer people’s needs.

Bali carpenter - Patrick Segin - Kohe Design
CEO & Cabinet maker

Patrick draws all the concepts and supervises the manufacturing

Marine Larzilliere - Kohe Design
Marketing Manager

Marine is responsible for the development of Kohe Design Brand

Ita - Kohe design
Front desk

Ita greets our clients and also responsible for taking the appointments

Saro - Kohe Design
Carpenter Manager

Saro manages products from manufacturing to installation

Budi - Kohe Design

Budi manufactures and installs furnitures and accessories in wood

They trust us

Kohe Design is more than a Bali furniture manufacturer, we build a strong trust-worthy relationship with all our partners
in the sector of restaurants, shops, hotels and villas