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Need more informations? Kohe Design is a manufacturer furniture in Bali for exterior and interior design

With Kohé Design Bali, everything is possible. You are a customer who would like informations, we are here for reply at all demands in worldwide. It is also possbile to do a special or tailor made command or also customize a existing product. We are able to achieve all requests, even most technicals. We need one month to the fabrication once the concept is validated. From minimal or elaborate design to traditional design, we can manufacture special and complex shapes. Very different shapes such as engraved pattern, round shape or interlaced wood…

If you are a distributor who would like to do a partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us. Each request is treated with serious and we will be happy to participe to development your project. We can export all our products around the world in order to meet your expectations. Small or large quantity, we can export all our furnitures thanks to our distribution networks.